WAN Optimization

IT DATACENTER provides WAN optimization solutions to bypass the network performance challenges using virtual or physical products. We deliver intelligent, efficient and cost effective solutions for a variety of organizations and data centers. Regardless of the application and transport protocol, our WAN Optimization solution is highly effective. WQR overcomes the challenge of poor WAN performance by centralizing applications and accelerating remote access.

IT DATACENTER is knowledgeable about the challenges of centralizing data storage and ensuring that applications such as SharePoint, VMware VDI, Collaboration Tools, ERP, CRM and SQL deliver high performance. Both the storage management of growing data and the moving of high volumes of data over WAN with limited bandwidth and latency may pose a challenge. WQR has the right solution to move a significant amount of data to any destination quickly and at a competitive cost.

Moreover, IT DATACENTER will ensure business competition in the marketplace. Areas such as e-commerce, CRM and enterprise resource planning will have their operations transformed thanks to our solutions.


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