IT Strategy & Planning

IT DATACENTER has extensive expertise in designing, integrating, delivering, deploying and supporting world class IT solutions using leading edge technology. We offer turnkey solutions in which the initial engagement starts with an assessment, followed by an implementation and ending with maintenance and managed services

IT Strategy & Planning


Assessment & Objective

Evaluation of the present environment in relation to the new objective

IT DATACENTER has established constructive procedures in preparing the assessment and identifying the key components to any IT infrastructure. Our certified engineers have acquired in-depth expertise to better understand your objective and lead you towards its successful accomplishment.


Plan & Design

Intelligent architecture using leading edge technology

WQR’s plan and design services are used to understand your present environment and achieve your IT solution objectiveIT DATACENTER is a group of certified technical engineers and senior consultants that offers IT solutions to a wide range of industries. We are specialized in data storage, data center infrastructure, big data, cloud computing, virtualization, backup and recovery, security and surveillance and WAN optimization. Our services also include:

  1. Pilot project design
  2. Performance & compatibility testing
  3. Deployment & maintenance


Software & Hardware Integration

Efficient and compatible integration

IT expertise comprised of multi-vendor technology is required for system integration in order to simplify deployment. Systems integration requires IT expertise with multi-vendors technology in order to simplify deployment. Our certified engineers have many years of experience in integrating software and hardware within any heterogeneous environment.


Implementation & Deployment

Deploy in a constructive and efficient manner

Implementation is a critical phase especially in a heterogeneous environment. IT DATACENTER helps with the transitioning to a multi-vendor technology solution with simplified steps. Our engineering team provides onsite implementation and orientation to ensure your employees are fully trained for operating the new systems properly.


Support & Warranty

Protect your IT investment

Any IT equipment should be covered by a warranty against defective products to avoid unexpected service expenses. Extended warranty will reduce future downtime and protect your organization’s return on investment. IT DATACENTER’s warranty and support team provides the right expertise that fits your needs such as warranty extensions, hardware and software agreements, installation and disaster recovery service agreements.


Maintenance & Managed Services

Let us manage and give you peace of mind

IT equipment is a crucial asset for any organization’s data. Therefore, it is strongly recommended protecting your IT investment by including the best warranty, support, maintenance, disposal and managed services.


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